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Calspan Air Services Fixed Based Operator is capable of handling almost any type of airframe including business class jets, private charters, general aviation and military aircraft.  Our FBO is located adjacent to our Part 145 Repair Station which can service a wide variety of aircraft and components.

Calspan boasts an impressive 80,000 sq.ft. hangar space, home to our Part 145 Repair Station. We have extensive back-shops capable of custom mechanical, composite, and metal fabrications. We are properly structured to deliver dependable timelines with accurate quotes.

Repair Services

We provide repair and maintenance services for a wide variety of aircraft and components. Our airframe experience allows us to specialize in the following aircraft manufacturers:

Full Service

Our experienced staff contains A&P and IA-qualified inspectors who are available 24/7 to answer questions and help with troubleshooting. We offer comprehensive AOG services to aircraft that cannot make it to our facility.

Minimize costs and improve aircraft availability

Our quotes are accurate, and our schedule is our biggest priority. You can depend on us to ensure that your aircraft is ready when you need it, and it cost exactly what we said to repair.

Customer Benefits

Our extensive experience with the modification and alteration of experimental test aircraft is extended to all of our work. The same mechanics and processes that are responsible for custom radomes and pods will be the ones fixing your altimeter. The same inspectors and engineers who qualify unique first-to-market solutions for some of the world’s most challenging aerospace designs will pour the same expertise and attention to detail into every project that enters our hangar.

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We repair, maintain, and inspect aircraft for the business and general aviation communities